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Thread: I am REALLY missing something in the setup instructions

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    I am REALLY missing something in the setup instructions


    I've been trying to get this script to work for some time now and I just can't figure out what the problem is...

    I have all the prerequisite requirements enabled on my server:

    Apache (1.3 or 2.x)
    Apache mod_rewrite
    PHP cURL support
    PHP safe_mode disabled

    Also, I have adjusted the necessary chmod 777 permissions for the respective folders.

    If I understand correctly, once the folders from the install are put on the root of my web server I should be able to paste in the following code to my html documents and the translation functionality will work...right?

    <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->
    <table width="100%" align="center">
    <td><a href="/lang/en<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/american.jpg" alt="English"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/de<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/german.jpg" alt="German"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/es<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/spanish.jpg" alt="Spanish"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/fr<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/french.jpg" alt="French"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/it<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/italian.jpg" alt="Italian"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/pt<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/portuguese.jpg" alt="Portuguese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ru<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/russian.gif" alt="Russian"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ja<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/japanese.jpg" alt="Japanese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ko<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/korean.jpg" alt="Korean"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/zh-TW<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/chinese.png" alt="Traditional Chinese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/zh-CN<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/chinese.gif" alt="Simplified Chinese"></a> </td>
    <td><a href="/lang/ar<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/saudiarabia.gif" alt="Arabic"></a> </td>
    <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
    I see that there references to the lang folder with corresponding folders for the different languages: <a href="/lang/en<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?> Could some one explain what is suppose to go into the lang folders? and the different language en, fr, de. The install zip I downloaded didn't have any language folders in the lang folder.

    Also, could someone also explain the purpose/role of the index.php fine in the translate folder?

    Thanks for any help with this!

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