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    Exclamation Internal Server Error

    The very big "Internal Server Configuration" appears when I click on the link to translate.

    I'm pretty sure that I have followed all the primary instructions:
    cURL - enabled
    safe-mode - off
    the directories permissions for g and y
    and the things to be edited in tr_config.php

    So I don't really understand why this error appears.

    I am testing this to my local workspace, not the actual website, but that PC is connected to the Internet. One of the codes I edited in tr_config.php that refers to the URL looks like this:

    • $params['site_url'] = 'localhost/GPRS-Remit/index.php'; (did not worked)
    • $params['site_url'] = 'http://localhost/GPRS-Remit/index.php'; (did not worked)

    So, since the tutorial in the website only refers to the URL, maybe my error is here? Is it not possible to test it on my local workspace? If yes, what should I put in $params['site_url']='';?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ^_^


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    Ok.. cross-out my first problem above. I managed to fix it trough some configurations I missed.

    New Problem:
    My new problem is that, after I clicked the link, the new translated page becomes distorted. I don't know what did happen and what's wrong.

    Does this translation script changes the physical coding of my page and affects the <div> tags or CSS?

    I used google's translation tool, it translates perfectly my page in its original format. The only thing I don't want to use it is that I can't modify the code they given me... I mean, I want the link to be put in an image (flags), not in a drop down list.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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