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Thread: Lost in translation: url changes but no translation

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    Lost in translation: url changes but no translation

    Hi all,
    Trying to test this nice tool at

    Two problems so far: when I click translate link, the url changes, but no translation actually occurs.
    Also, once visited "translated" page the links for the other langs become mess:

    Any hints?
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    Yes it's same...
    I beleive it is something connected with mod rewrite.

    BTW you must change the image name for flags to us.gif, fr.gif, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzak View Post
    Yes it's same...
    I beleive it is something connected with mod rewrite.

    BTW you must change the image name for flags to us.gif, fr.gif, etc.
    yes i know but it's only for to try so the link is enough for now

    can you explain that the mod rewrite as i'am not familiar with it

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    its an apache (web server) module, used for permanent redirects through the htaccess file.
    More info here

    Be careful if you wanna play with this

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    Seeming to work fine... now
    just checked ur site
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    which site? i checked them both but not working for me

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    Status update: Problem solved by simply removing php from excluded filetypes at htaccess file. Big thanks to floydax.
    Status update: I will post additional data as per Post Trouble Report

    * The URL of the site you are translating
    * The URL to a copy of version.php running on your site
    * Does the issue affect Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, or both?
    Never tested Yahoo - but I doubt if this is the issue
    * What hosting company is your web site hosted at?
    * Which version of the Translation Script are you running? (Look at the top of translate/translate.php)
    Missing version info - but is the last oneq, from a few days ago
    * What version of Apache are you running? (1.3 or 2.x)
    * Does your Apache configuration have mod_rewrite enabled?
    * If you are calling the script from html files, is your Apache configured to support PHP code embedded in html files?
    I'm calling .php files
    * Does your host support cURL?
    * Is PHP safe_mode disabled on your host?
    * What HTML/JavaScript/PHP/etc... code are you using to call the script?

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <p>Тестово изречение за превод</p>
    <table width="100%" align="center">
                                        <td><a href="/lang/bg<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/bg.gif" alt="Bulgarian" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/en<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/uk.gif" alt="English" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/de<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/de.gif" alt="German" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/es<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/es.gif" alt="Spanish" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/fr<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/fr.gif" alt="French" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/it<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/ita.gif" alt="Italian" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/pt<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/pt.gif" alt="Portuguese" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/ru<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/ru.gif" alt="Russian" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/ja<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/jp.gif" alt="Japanese" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/ko<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/kr.gif" alt="Korean" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/gr<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/gr.gif" alt="Greece" border="0"></a> </td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/zh-CN<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/cn.gif" alt="Chinese" border="0"></a></td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/ar<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/sa.gif" alt="Arabic" border="0"></a></td>
                                        <td><a href="/lang/cz<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="/translate/graphics/cz.gif" alt="Czech" border="0"></a> </td>
    * What error messages are you seeing in your Apache server logs?
    no errors
    * What error messages are you seeing when you try to translate a page?
    no errors, url changes but no actual translation occurs and after the first redirection the language links are messed:
    first click:
    second click: but url @ the address bar stop changes anymore
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