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Thread: Machine vs. Human Translation

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    Machine vs. Human Translation


    A good friend suggested this site. I just wanted to put out there that I have been in web localization for more than a decade and am happy to start a discussion.

    I see the previous discussion on machine (Google) translation. My experience has been that this is usually more harmful than helpful. If anyone wishes to discuss other methods let us do it here.

    Thanks and good luck.

  2. Until the recent hiccup, machine translation was harming me with over $300/day in revenue.

    Yes, the translations can range from acceptable (Dutch, Spanish) to awful (Russian, Greek, Arabic). But, they certainly are better than no translations at all.

    And that's really what machine translation should be compared to -- no translation at all. Why? Because it's not as if anyone would translate all of these documents manually. If done manually, very few documents will ever be translated.

    Would I automatically translate my most important documents, like the sales pages for my business? Of course not. Would I manually translate tens of thousands of pages of original content into a dozen languages, knowing that some pages will only be read once a year? Of course not.

    It's all about using the right tool for the right job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superfast502 View Post
    A good friend suggested this site.

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