Hello everyone I a new here!!!. I am looking for advice and hopefully help.

Last few weeks I have noticed allot of traffic coming from one IP number every time I mad changes to a clients CMS site . The IP numbers were coming from Google translate. I did some research and found out that some (Russian guy) mirrored our clients entire CMS (joomla) website and is using this script:

<script>_infowindowVersion=1;_intlStrings._originalText = "Исходный английский текст:";_intlStrings._interfaceDirection="ltr";_intlStrings._interfaceAlign="left";_intlStrings._langpair="en|it";_parentUrl="http://translate.google.com";_intlStrings._feedbackUrl=_parentUrl+"/translate_suggestion";_intlStrings._suggestTranslation="Предложить лучший вариант перевода"  ;_intlStrings._submit="Предложить перевод";_intlStrings._suggestThanks="Спасибо, что предложили Переводчику Google свой вариант перевода.";_intlStrings._reverse=false;</script>
It is grabbing (mirroring) the complete site and translating all the content in Italian to another domain name.

He is inserting the script after <head> and ending it before the <title> any changes done to the site automatically reflect on the mirror site, Google translate automatically comes to my site and mirrors it back in Italian to the mirror site as soon as changes are made? And it updates in seconds?

Tried blocking google translate IP (through htaccess) but it does not work, plus I do not want to block google of course, I just do not know how to block the mirror site and do not know how he is doing this or how he is feeding the info?

If I temporarily take the site offline, the Italian mirror site goes down as well? Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do, or can someone analyze that code above and give me some insight on how he is doing it?

Thanks in advance for all your help..