have a look at the page below

The Guest Room

the translate script work as i tested it our on an empty page you can see that here:
Pagina nueva 1

however when i place it in my script i get he flags and all but when you go over a flag or click on it

i still get the code instead of changing it to the current page
http://www.tgroom.com/lang/de<?php echo $_SERVER[

<body><!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->
<table width="100%" align="center">
<td><a href="/lang/en<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/us.gif"

alt="English"></a> </td>
<td><a href="/lang/de<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/de.gif" alt="German"></a>

<td><a href="/lang/es<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/es.gif"

alt="Spanish"></a> </td>
<td><a href="/lang/fr<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/fr.gif" alt="French"></a>

<td><a href="/lang/it<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/it.gif"

alt="Italian"></a> </td>
<td><a href="/lang/pt<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/pt.gif"

alt="Portuguese"></a> </td>
<td><a href="/lang/ru<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]?><img src="/translate/graphics/ru.gif"

alt="Russian"></a> </td>


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are still in development and low in price?
{include file="header.tpl"}
maybe i'am stupid but i'am not so familiar with php