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Thread: Translate script URL problems

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    Translate script URL problems

    I have just tried to upgrade to the 2009-09-23 version of the translate script but have encountered the following problem in the translated URL structure.

    My site is http : / / www. domainname .com (example url). I installed translate script and clicked on one of the flags to translate. This took me to
    ==> http : / / www. domainname. com/lang/es
    so far so good. then I clicked on one of the links. This took me to
    ==> http : / / www. domainname. com/lang/es/menu1
    fantastic - all good. Then I clicked on one of the links from this menu page and the wheels fell off.
    It should have taken me to
    ==> http : / / www. domainname. com/lang/es/detail-page1.html
    but it tried to link to
    ==> http : / / www. domainname. com/lang/es/menu1/detail-page1.html

    When I try other links it keeps concatenating on end of URL giving 404 errors.

    I am using the full URL name in my site (no relative links). Any ideas what is going on here? The translate works correctly on this same site with old Version 2.13 of the script.
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