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  1. Translation Script Alternatives

    Global Translator Pro for Wordpress

    Global Translator Pro is a very good translation script for Wordpress.

    It has a free version, and also $69 and $129 options with support.

    Google Translation for Joom!Fish

    Google Translation for Joom!Fish is a plugin which adds semi-automated translation functionality to Joom!Fish.

    Joom!Fish is a translation management extension for Joomla.

    This plugin costs $15, $5 of which is then contributed to the Joom!Fish project.


    GTranslate, by Edvard Ananyan, is a Joomla plugin that provides automated full-page translations.

    There is a free version and an $80 "Pro" version.

    [ame=""]vB Global Translator for vBulletin[/ame]

    davesnake has created a translation script for vBulletin.

    This plugin is available at no cost.

    [ame=""]vB Enterprise Translator[/ame]

    vBulletin mod to translate your forum to 43 languages.


    davesnake is using WebSitesTranslator.

    It's $65, but it supports any type of web site.

    What other translation scripts are worth recommending?
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