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Thread: Trouble with Translation Links

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    Trouble with Translation Links

    url : PhpGraphics We make the Internet alive
    Affected : Google Translater , yahoo 1 doesn't work at all
    Hosting company : Bounceweb
    Version : latest

    Simple question. What happens to all the links on the site ? After it translates some of the links become : Google Translate

    I'm guessing someone thought of this before because one of the links on the site is fine but all the other links (including menu) are in that format.


  2. You site is definitely seeing something very strange with the links.

    Can you post the source code you're using to include the flags?

    I think you might just need to add a backslash before lang, i.e. /lang/.
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    i too face the same problem....
    after the homepage gets translated.....all links turn to "Google Translate"

    i m using

    <td><a href="/lang/de<?php echo $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ?>"><img src="translate/flags/de.gif" alt="German" border="0"></a></td>
    to include the flags
    thank you for any help

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    poop.. your site works fine.. but my site doesnt i dont understand the config file etc.. so i just get a crappy error
    We are experiencing a temporary problem with the foreign language section. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Code: -2

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