I am completely perplexed...

I have downloaded v2.16 and followed all of the steps.... and NOTHING...

I must admit, I am a web designer and the installation instructions are NOT crystal clear.

Some recommendations for the Installation procedure.
1) The ZIP files extracts all directories in the correct structure... so why not tell the user to upload the extracted directories to the root web directory of the server and not "rearrange" the exctracted directory structure? That eliminates a lot of explanations
2) Why keep the graphics in additional /separate ZIP files??? Why not just leave them as folders in the correct location in the directories and explain what they are?
3) The SHTML files need to be explained as to what they are... I am not sure why they are SHTML files and yet they have PHP code inside of it. A lot of servers dont' complie PHP code in HTML or SHTML files. Why not just tell people to copy/paste the code into their site files?
4) Why is your report.sh file written for HTML files as a default instead of PHP files? If you copy the code fromt he SHTML files, into a HTML file it will be useless becasue the PHP code won't be compiled...
5) Why are there no working examples that I can see? If you posted YOUR OWN site as an example, we could see that it works.. You could even post a comment on the site that gives updates to us all (such as... "hey... Google changed their translation script again... and v2.16 does not work"...)

I am having a problem with my code..

Here are the details that you asked for...

* The URL of the site you are translating...
Beach Carousel Motel - Virginia Beach, VA (testing page)

* The URL to a copy of version.php running on your site (See the Troubleshooting Tips for a copy of this on-line program.)

* Does the issue affect Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, or both?

* What hosting company is your web site hosted at?
My own dedicated server. UNIX/FreeBSD

* Which version of the Translation Script are you running? (Look at the top of translate/translate.php)

* What version of Apache are you running? (1.3 or 2.x)

* Does your Apache configuration have mod_rewrite enabled?

* If you are calling the script from html files, is your Apache configured to support PHP code embedded in html files?

* Does your host support cURL?

* Is PHP safe_mode disabled on your host?

* What HTML/JavaScript/PHP/etc... code are you using to call the script?
What? My files are PHP files. Where in the instructions does it say that I need to "call the script"?

* What error messages are you seeing in your Apache server logs?
None... it's just not translating anything.

* What error messages are you seeing when you try to translate a page?
None... it's just not translating anything.