Recently, I've pulled a couple of 'almost all nighters' playing with Animoto (referral link).
Animoto is an online video production platform that turns images and video in a dynamic slide show in such a manner that it becomes a true videoclip. Needless to say the platform can be used for anything like creating holiday memories to product promoting videos. It is easy to create a professional looking product video.

There are different membership levels and payment options. I subscribed to the 'pro' membership allowing commercial use of the videos and white label branding for example.

A few cons & pros:

  • The amount of video Styles is a bit limited in my opinion. However, new styles are being added.

  • The 'PRO' license allows you to sell your videos to individuals but not to other businesses unless you buy additional licenses (available in packages).

  • Transparent PNG's and GIF's will not display properly at the moment but I believe it's an issue they are aware of.

  • It significantly lowers the threshold for webmasters to use video on a website.

  • It can create a professional looking video in a relatively short amount of time.

  • The PRO subscription has a wide selection of music available (for most of these you don't have to pay extra). Or, use your own music.

  • The Styles available are really cool.

  • An additional license allows you to sell your video to other businesses (license packages can be bought)

I am in no way affiliated to Animoto but I do have a referral code that gives you a $5,- discount (All Access plan) or 1 extra month membership (Animoto Pro): gfbcrqut