Andy Jenkins, who is one of the web's video gurus, has launched a new video training program. I read about it in one of Shoemoney's newsletters.


At first I thought, "Oh, yeah. This is going to be another rip-off program like 99% of the online marketing training programs out there." I think this one is real and is a genuine crash course for anyone who wants to learn how to produce effective online videos.

The full six-month training course may be a bit expensive for most people at $1997, but there is a series of four FREE promotional videos that are VERY educational (check out the link above). I thought I knew quite a bit about web video production, but I really learned a lot more just watching the free videos.

Andy's videos have a certain friendly flare to them that I would like to learn how to emulate. There is so much information in the free videos that it take a few hours of your time to watch them. It isn't fluffy. The free videos are a mini training course in promotional video production using tools that you may already have.

You do have to give him an e-mail address in order to view the videos, but IMHO it is worth it.