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Thread: Go where others wont

  1. Go where others wont

    In the world of video productions, you need to offer content that other people will not, can not offer , or not willing to offer.

    Awhile back my dad got a new boat, so he gave me his old one. Last weekend my son and I headed off to the river to do some fishing. While we were there we saw several alligators. So I fired up the camera and started filming.

    [ame=]YouTube - Watching alligators and catching some fish[/ame]

  2. You are right buddy , if you have something unique and special which we have seen in past than we are there with you always and this is latest business rule . Between nice video and were you to close or just zoom the camera .

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    Always love your video's Kevin, great job with them!

    nice looking fish and boat as well
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    I guess the old boat was familiar with the alligators with the bite marks in the hull?

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