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Thread: Have you ever thought how to increase the view to your Youtube video?

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    Have you ever thought how to increase the view to your Youtube video?

    I love youtube and like watch music video online , sometimes i post my video on Youtube, but normally, the view is very low.
    Some friends said that it's very good and should be watch. But it's only thousand or tens of thousands viewing.
    That's luck! My friend who work as SEO & Marketing Strategists suggested that I should went to ( website - { spam link removed by mod } online) to post my Youtube video.
    At first, I did not believed. I just thought that Youtube is best site for update the video, bit
    I still tried.
    Results is amazing! My video viewing was inceased to 1682375 just only one week. I could not believed in my eyes, but it's real.
    And now, I have to say thank you and thank you everybody who make my dream come true.
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    Please do not spam this forum. A friend did not tell you to visit that site. You are selling that site in another thread. You are also posting this same message in multiple forums.
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