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Thread: Help Google index your videos

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    Help Google index your videos

    From Google Webmaster Central, just in case you missed it:

    The single best way to make Google aware of all your videos on your website is to create and maintain a Video Sitemap.
    Help Google index your videos

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    I was reading up on this at the link that you provided and it seems like the description tag is pretty important for SEO. It looks like you have a limit of 2048 characters to describe the video. There is also the video tags that you can have up to 32 tags.

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    It seems like another opportunity for us to do some SEO if the following is beneficial (taken from the comments on that blog):

    "The video sitemap will point to the url where the video is located on your site. So, if you posted a video on the sitemap would point to that page on your site."

    So I think the implication is that a search for a video may lead to one of our video site-mapped pages if we optimize for this.

    I am tending to embed videos in my blog posts so this is an exciting development I think.

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