Having a video at youtube is just the start. But what do you do after that to hit your target market?

Here is my youtube channel MyHalloweenIdeas it has been live for one year now. Total Upload Views: 24,940 I am happy with the number of people that have seen my videos. Like all of us we always want more.

This video is my most popular. Here is the dilemma I am facing over 8,000 + views and growing Yeah!!!

Here is the downside

This video is most popular with:
Gender Age
Male 45-54
Male 35-44
Female 13-17

The youtube channel overall is being seen by more males then females almost a 70% male audience

Also I am seeing a large amount of people from Russia almost 20%

None of what I am seeing is my target market of 18-25 females.

Anyone have any ideas on what needs to be done to reach my target demographics?

Here are the tags I used
* Halloween
* Costumes
* Army Girl Costumes
* costume ideas
* sexy womens costumes
* Army Girl

Now look at this search results the video is at 2 and 4 on page one

army girl costume - Google Search

For sexy womens costumes my videos start showing up on page 3

For Navy girl costume I am #1 page 1

Look at this search

sexy baseball costume - Google Search

Not to bad to have the top 3 spots and the #9 spot on page one

SO again I ask WHY am I not seeing the right target demographics?