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Thread: Video projects that span several months

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    Video projects that span several months

    One thing that I like to do with my videos - is to film about something, then go back a few months later and film about it again.

    Back in February of 2010 my son and I took a trip to the river and looked at some camping spots.

    [ame=]YouTube - Looking for a camping spot on the river[/ame]

    And then on July 16, 2010 my son, my step son and I went on a camping trip and made a video about it.

    [ame=]YouTube - July 16 camping trip[/ame]

    Those videos were filmed about 5 months apart, and are about the same topic.

    This does several things for the viewer:

    It creates a time line - you said you were going to do something and you did it.

    Creates a sense of community - that your sharing a part of your personal life with your youtube viewers.

    Creates unique content - it gets your videos out of their typical routine and shows a different landscape.

    Shows that your willing to go the extra mile - that your willing put forth the time and effort to make unique videos. Not a lot of people are willing to take a camera, put forth the effort to film the video, edit and upload everything.

    Your sharing part of your life - this is my family and I, and this is what we do. It shows your viewers that your not that much different then everyone else.

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