OK, For those of you who are trying hard to make partner like I was. Here is a heads up. We all wait for that invite.

Well here is some news I know for a fact. Things I was told have all been wrong. I don't think some so called experts have the foggiest clue about what they are talking about.

I have heard that you need tons of subscribers. WRONG!!!

That you need tons of likes. Wrong!!!

That you need tons of Page Views. Wrong!!!

Have a bunch of original videos uploaded. Wrong!!!

You need None of the above. I now think that they draw a name form a hat.

I have been working so hard trying to make partner, and today I did it. Yeah me right. Wrong!!! I have what I think are some really nice looking channels, good content, and so on.

Today I get the invite for partner.

Look at this

This account of mine made partner. MsSami4u - YouTube

What in the Bleep Bleep Bleep are they thinking???

YES, I want to laugh and cry. All of my hard work on other channels and this is what they makes partner? *sigh