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Thread: 54 websites using horizontal scrolling

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    54 websites using horizontal scrolling

    Horizontal websites are quite rare, but when done properly they can really make a website standout. Horizontal scrolling on websites used to be avoided but for some designers, the decision to use horizontal scrolling is as much a part of the design as choosing the colors.

    I have collected 54 beautiful and inspiring websites using horizontal scroll bar or horizontal scrolling.

    54 Websites Using Horizontal Scrolling - Webmaster Forum

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    Haha fun as hell Awesome thing, but I guess it's hard to implement it

    Thanks for the share mate!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jani View Post
    Horizontal websites are quite rare
    I agree, websites with horizontal scrolling are quite hard to find, but isn't weird that even though rare and the majority of them get published in graphic design books and winning design awards like crazy all the time in a greater frequency than vertical scrolling websites, most of us still prefer to develop vertical scrolling websites and not horizontal.

    I really thing that if you have a solid design a horizontal will always look unique, and attract more attention than a vertical.

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