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Thread: Adobe Fireworks CS4 :: Joomla Template :: Help in Logo Editing

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    Adobe Fireworks CS4 :: Joomla Template :: Help in Logo Editing

    I've installed the Afterburner theme by Rockettheme on one of my sites and can't edit its logo.
    As suggested in the tutorial mentioned here : Joomla Templates - RocketTheme Joomla Templates Club Demo Site(then go to Tutorials/Logo-Editing), i've done as said but i just can't get the logo to be editable. Double-clicking(having the pointer tool selected) doesn't do any good(it just brings up the marquee tool).

    Any Suggestions?

    I'm using Adobe Fireworks CS4, the image i'm trying to edit is as below :
    I need 'Afterburner' changed to 'Alcoholwine' & the caption to be changed to 'All About Wine'
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