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Thread: Amazing Site Design

  1. Thumbs down Amazing Site Design

    I came across this cool website today. Its one of the best designed site i have seen. watch it yourself and you will understand
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  2. It's is really really awesome!!!!!!
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  3. Great site
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    Impressive, but it's annoying in the end...

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    The navigation is awful. But it looks great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaya View Post
    The navigation is awful. But it looks great
    I've to agree with Gaya, usability ain't any good. The concept is good, can be implemented a bit better.

    BTW, I'm confused. What is the website about?
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    Yeah the navigation is horrible! Really not usability friendly at all. Nice flash effects though.
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  8. @swaastik I too never understood that.

    @gaya and @james You guys are into that field so you'll know better.

    But from a lay man's point of view I have never seen anything like that and I (and others like me) found it awesome.
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    Cool site, but could have been done better !
    Saw couple of sites like that before.. its nice though !

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    I've never been a fan of full Flash websites, and this is a clear example of why - most of the time, they aren't very userfriendly. While Flash looks great, I didn't find this one very impressive. It didn't make me go 'Wow!'

    @Swastik @Farrhad A - The website is for an advertising agency called Leo Burnett.

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