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Thread: Anyone Used Game Salad for App Development?

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    Anyone Used Game Salad for App Development?

    Saw an App / website for sale the other day on Flippa developed for iOS using : Home - GameSalad
    the other day. Didn't know if anyone that is into app development has tried this out and if its just like other integrated programming GUI's/IDE's or worthwhile?

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    Since it suggests there is no need for code, it's likely to be limited in what you can build.

    My game-programming son suggests you check out ShiVa3D (cross-platform game engine). You need to drive it with C++ or LUA apparently.

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    Hmm, the gaming and 3D effects look pretty cool. I couldn't tell from readying through their site if you get the developer's license required to publish with the various editing tool costs or if that was a separate charge. Being able to support both Android and iOS development from the same toolkit with touch screen emulation seems pretty neat too.

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    My son is using some more expensive solution since he thought that ShiVa3D had some limitations (but is good value for money) in what can be achieved. But, I would say that he is at an advanced level: coding shaders etc. Stuff that I don't understand. I'll have to ask him what is the best engine regardless of cost when he is done partying.

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    Ha! You should tell him his new chore is to get on here and educate us some more on mobile app / gaming development That and links to cool stuff he's made.

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    Well, he has been active in the game programming community @, you can check out some of his work at: Darkcoder's Games

    The game engine he's using for mobile apps. is: Unity 3D I notice that they have a free version.

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    Unity looks pretty neat. Since he's in the partying stage, a case study on how to build a drinking-game app would be cool (though nowhere near as sexy as game coding!)

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    I just watched the Unity intro. video and it looks very cool. But it is not so easy to create the "assets" for the game, or even know what the guy is talking about LOL. Spend 10+ years dedicated to game creation and it should be easy

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    I game coded a bit 2 life's ago, so understand

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    I installed MS XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh today alongside of my existing install of C# 2010 Express. The idea is to try to create game-like apps rather than using the standard windows form controls.

    They have an excellent tutorial showing you step by step how to make a cool 2D game at: App Hub - welcome: 2d game development tutorial

    But, it seems that WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is the way forward for custom User Interfaces in Windows.
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