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Thread: Best Wordpress Designs?

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    Best Wordpress Designs?

    Hey guys.

    I'm looking to do a post in the near future where I'll post up a load of less well known designs that are awesome on my blog as part of my design series.

    I was hoping you guys could help me by identifying some themes that I probably haven't seen before, so this'll hopefully help some smaller blogs get some decent exposure.

    (btw, if you suggest a good one you'll get a mention in the post too)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Have a look at:


    (Google them please, it is 2 AM here, too tired to link :P)
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    Gaya'S site is great, you know about him but he deserves a mention I believe.


  4. I love <a href="">Tutorial9</a>, and <a href="">css-trcks<a/>
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, keep them coming!

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    What about xD JK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hector View Post
    What about xD JK!
    Actually, BD will be included in the list if that's OK... it's an awesome theme

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