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    Blogger Templates

    Which sites do you often go to download blog templates compatible with Blogger?

    BTemplates dot Com is a great site. Free downloads, functional, and ready to use.

    Wordpress templates also available.
    Do you know any other sites?

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    i adore cebong ipiet's creations. never go anywhere but there.

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    I never new there were such sites. Please share some more with us. Thank you.

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    BTemplates is very good indeed but i use joomla
    here is a great joomla template site

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    i wan t a blue blogger tempalte,please help me

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    I get wordpress themes from itself, It provides decent themes but when I want to go to the extreme i just google them. I sometimes find free ones and really awesome ones which cost.
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    wordpress is pretty god damn awesome i have to say
    I like to create my own though, looks more creative

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    i think you shouldn`t use any automatic sites likes wordpress if you can`t create them. You don`t merit at these.

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