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Thread: can you move a website to xsite pro?

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    can you move a website to xsite pro?

    does anyone know if it's possible to take a website and resdesign it in xsite pro? The original site was not built with xsitepro? it would have to be re built/redesigned. possible or no?
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    Yes. Not hard to do if your site follows common conventions
    of navigation. If you are attentive to detail you should be able
    to do it in a way that pages of your site already indexed by
    Google still are, just in your new format.

    Mostly moving over to XSP will be a matter of pulling the content
    out of your old site, removing some formatting information, and
    putting it into XSP which handles formatting with it's own
    CSS files.

    Not that hard to do.
    comming soon

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    I guess that sounds monumental to me...maybe someone here can help?
    willing to pay
    comming soon

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