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Thread: Common reasons for a site to load slowly

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    Google has started Considering the Load Time as an Important Factor while Ranking a Website at Index time.

    Common reasons for a site to get load slowly.

    The Time For Loading A Web Site Depends Mostly On:

    1. The number / size of external resources included in the site.(Images , Feeds)

    2. If Images are not properly optimized and resized. (Large and Heavy Images)

    3. The database queries executed while the site loads. (Many database queries at the same time)

    4. Use More Flashy Effects and High Resolutions Images. (If Flash has been used with heavy images)

    I Hope This Information Helpful For You All.

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    5) If the server is crappy.
    6) If there are too many scripts being executed.
    7) If the code is not well-optimized for performance.
    8) If the size of the page is just too big.

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    I was at Pubcon on Nov 12th at the Google/Bing Smackdown where Matt Cutts announce that they were "considering" using load times as a ranking factor. He said a lot of people at Google were lobbying for it. But he never said they WERE doing it, only that they were considering it.

    At the first of this month Google added the Webmaster Tools Labs Site Performance screen in WMT to help webmasters figure out how to improve load times. One might take this as a hint that they are planning to consider load times in Caffeine. But still no one at Google has officially announced that they are. And SHOULD it become a ranking factor, I feel certain an announcement to that affect will be forthcoming from Google.

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