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Thread: Which Concept? Review my portfolio redesign please

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    Question Which Concept? Review my portfolio redesign please


    I have been planning to redesign my portfolio since jan 2009 but never got the chance to do it and finally I have done it.

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback, suggestions and opinions regarding what I came up with as I am very confused and aim to perfect the job as much as possible.

    Concept 1:

    Concept 2


    P.S this isn't the portfolio page, highlighted it to show the sub-navbar

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Liked the the concept 1 with Headlines(interviews) and the sites that u worked with on top...having them above will probably make ur potential customer put that 'initial' trust factor in u..they will be more eager to check out ur portfolio..

    And i would suggest that you put ur present NB avatar in place of the pic in the desing...replace the dark shades with transparent ones if you want..


    Logo: 2nd one..

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    Like I said, the second design is the best one IMO. It directly shows that you're a designer (or doing something with websites etc).

    As for the logo, the first one is the best one, the others have something 'too much'

    The rest of the template is awesome btw!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    @Aziz, concept 2 for me...go visual down to text in a top down flow looks better to me.
    Course, I figured you would have some kind of matrix 3D deal too

  5. The first design goes better with the picture of you... The headline box and "Awesome people I worked with" box kind of wrap around and make the template feel more complete tbh.

    With the logos, 1 or 4 are the best for me... As Aquarezz says the others have "too much" in them...

    Either way that is a great template

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    I think the portfolio section being in the middle is best for the portfolio section. The logos and headlines are secondary to the portfolio IMO.
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    As i mentioned in NB chat, concept 1 looks better and is more appealing according to me. I'd prefer the second Logo though but a different font color to it would suite better(just my 2 cents ) since the rest of the page is almost b/w.
    The template in general is flawless, no doubt

  8. As said, your face kinda' freaks me out...other than that...very nice design. You have my bestowal.

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    thank you all, please review this third concept:

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    Also 4th:

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