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Thread: Creating a website that loads fast.

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    Talking Creating a website that loads fast.

    There are many points that we all need to careful about before creating a website that will load fast. In my opinion the main point is using CSS rather than other because it will really load fast. And the speed is main factor to determine the future of your website. Because no one will like slow websites.

    Using many flash and animation is also not good. Though it will look nice but it may take long time to open so people having slow internet connections aren't going to be fan of that.

    Please share your knowledge here. I will be updating.

  2. Optimise your site images, sounds, pop-ups.

    If you are using a CMS (like Wordpress), look at using static content, instead of dynamic.
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    Dont use large images as well. Or flash

  4. I do agree with you all. We need to stay away from flash based websites as long as it is not needed. Plus, use JPG or GIF for your pictures and if you do have a very big picture, use thumbnails for it.

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    Yes, try not to use .pngs and others.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by KMRock View Post
    Yes, try not to use .pngs and others.
    Well, PNGs are only good for small images with transparent backgrounds that you can't get from GIFs. Plus, PNgs takes a lot of space and bandwidth to load, more likely like a BMP.

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    yeah Bmp is really good option to png....

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    Images play a large role in website loading time. The bigger the images are, the slower the website will load, and usually images are what websites usually have to attract the audiences' attention.

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