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Thread: CSS Not Working?

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    CSS Not Working?

    Is your stylsheet not working? Check for the following:

    • are you missing a semi-colon ( ; )
    • is there a hash ( # ) before your ID dividers?
    • is there a period ( . ) before your classes?
    • are there marks before your regular elements (strong, blockquote)
    • did you close your brackets? {}
    • Did you forget to close a comment? /* comment */

    Don't let one small error ruin your styles.

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    Well it happened a lot to me already, but not really in .css but in programming languages. Suddenly I typed -without knowing it- a letter that fuc*s up the script

    But I learned a lot from those mistakes, and it would be strange if I ever make them again

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    Great tips. Sometimes the smallest of things can mess your entire work up.

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