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Thread: Do you code your designs?

  1. Every time I decide to try to fix some code or design myself, I end up wasting half a day, making it look worse than it was before and eventually just paying someone to do it

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    Thank you for the link... gonna give it a try...

    Quote Originally Posted by farooqaaa View Post
    Yeah, I design & code my own designs and also code for other people. I always use PSD mock-ups. � So you want to create WordPress themes huh?

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    I have to confess that I do code my own designs. I should really outsource this task to people with graphic design ability since I can't stand getting the CSS to work.

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    I don't design website using Photoshop/ImageReady, but I use them only for web graphics design. Instead I use DW or FrontPage and code myself to design website.

  5. Yes I do code my own designs. Because it will increase my programming skills But I hire someone if I can't do it anymore

  6. Shamefully have to say dont know HTML/CSS yet,but i hope i'll learn it soon and then i can too say that i code my own sites xD

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    Yes i design my templates my self but in wp blogs I have a preference to get premium themes and then edit them according to my use .

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    First, I make a mock-up with Photoshop then go at work coding with PHP / HTML (depending on the features of the website).
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  9. I do all the coding myself also, I do a mock up on PS and slice it up and use CSS, html, and php to code the whole website. I also dabble in a little bit of Javascript.

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    No I do not do HTML slice stuff my self.

    I normally higher - They does nice HTML, more clean, working in all browser. And they charge $50 only for single page and delivers in 36h max.

    nice to call them, I have good experience for my 3 jobs.

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