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Thread: Do you make your own Design?

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    Do you make your own Design?

    Hey guys, do you make your own designs for your website or do you:
    -hire someone or
    -buy/find themes online.

    Personally, I use wordpress since their designs are really nice and it is easier to manage my site.

  2. I generally do design. Although, I aways need help with the coding.

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    Im the same as kcalpesh, i do the design but i cant code for the life of me, lucky for me a personal friend is quite good at coding, so i get him to code it for free

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    ya i do my own designs....

  5. I don't do design and I am currently looking for a designer.

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    I've got bugger all design skills, so I usually look for a designer to assist with look+feel.

    BTW. fjworld, contact cheesy, he been a reliable designer for some logos etc. on my sites
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  7. I only do the graphic designs and baners and logos and stuff like that.Cant do coding for the life of me

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    I've just started to learn some HTML, it's quite confusing, but i guess it'll be worth it, coded templates sell for much more than just the PSD xD

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    I do my own designs and i enjoy it soooo much

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