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Thread: DO you prefer white pages?

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    DO you prefer white pages?

    i'm doing a survey here.

    i often feel my eyes stressed after a long reading from white pages.OR webpages that are mostly white

    do you also have this experience? how often?

    i prefer black sometimes, though i still feel that i need to rest my eyes and see some white and other colors.

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    well yea sometime i had experinced the same . You should really rest if this happens otherwise maybe your eyes will burst out. haha

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    Well I do agree with you that websites with only white design actually are a pain for the eyes. I prefer sites designed in different colors.(colorful websites lol)

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    I would mostly like white pages and some green and blue colors on the site, they are all natural colors of the earth, and they are awesome

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    eh...i don't like white pages too )

    Blue is my colour...

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    Well why not all colors, it would be the best, but the best for me is Blue like zoop, it's awesome looking and makes your site look a lot better than it looks!

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    I do like white pages but prefer blue coz thats eyes soothing and looks good too.

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    yes. i do also prefer blue. the pain start when most of the part are in white. with right distributions of colors we can make a page stress free reading.

    oh also the font, and because we are on a screen, consider it's setting also.

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    yes i also prefer in any color atleast light color.

    white is very bright so that's why eyses want something else.

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