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Thread: Do you still design for IE6?

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    I still ensure designs are compatible with IE6. It may be a terrible browser, but people still use it. Until that market share drops to a significantly small amount, I will continue to work with it.

    Have a read of this:
    Lately there has been somewhat of a push towards abandoning the old lady. As much as I harbor hatred for the browser and the difficulties it can present, I don’t think that I, as a professional web developer, can abandon ship just yet.

    IE6 is still the third most used browser. Far from the number one spot it held for so long, but still miles ahead from the fourth place Chrome to think that it’ll be leaving third anytime soon.

    Look, my job is to make my clients online presence reflect the stature of their business. In my mind, it’s not “OK” to let a clients identity be damaged by a poor excuse for a browser. I’m smart enough to find a solution to the problems that IE6 throws my way. After all, isn’t that part of what makes CSS/Javascript/HTML so great, there is more than one way to tackle a presentational issue.

    I’m not going to sit on my ass and let a sad browser defeat me. I’m going to make my work look good in IE6 for as long as I need to because it’s my job.

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    okay, let me say something then. on an average of 600 visitors a day I get 8 IE6 users... is that worth it? Don't think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keshav View Post
    The web has moved ahead, but some people, either deliberately or unknowingly still use Internet Explorer 6. Web designers have to make sure that their content renders well in this out-dated browser for which they have to spend the major part of their time making their designs compatible with ie6.

    Do you, as a web designer, still work on making your designs compatible with ie6?
    Yes I do, you'd be surprise to know that many people still uses old versions of IE. My goal is to make my site compatible with a maximum of browsers.

    For this purpose, a really useful tool is:
    It takes time to load, but its worth it since it allowed me to improved my website on the compatibility aspect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    Oh! So there are people who use IE 6.
    Of course there are!

    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    I agree with this too. Unless it is some horribly bad error...don't bother.
    I myself have to use this browser when I'm on my XP PC since it doesn't allows to run IE7 fast enough... (forget about IE8!)

    Also everyone that uses unlegit copies of the Windows XP OS can't run updates, meaning their stuck either with IE6 or firefox, but again newer versions of Firefox take ages to load.

    I have six PCs here, 1 is with Vista 64bit, 2 with XP Pro, 1 with XP Home and Win98, another one with Win98 and a relic with Win95:

    My website has been tested and is set to work on everyone one of them with 9 different browsers: IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8, FF, FF2, FF3, Chrome and sometimes Opera!
    Although the scripts don't work with the older browsers.

    The secret? A minimal page size (under 20ko) and basic page-content configuration.

  4. I still code for ie6 because that shows that your website is cares for all internet users and it will make you a better coder.btw there are usually only 3 problems with ie6 whenever I code a website.
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    Yes, I still design for IE 6, but i charge a small extra fee.

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    sadly the answer is yes. I had stopped designing for IE6 but clients always complain if its isnt IE6 compatible. So its good to beon the safer side. Hope we wont have to do it for long..

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    I still make my themes look good in IE6 because simply most people use IE6

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    Again, it depends...

    Check out the stats from w3schools:

    Browser Statistics
    2009 IE7 IE6 IE8 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
    June 18.7% 14.9% 7.1% 47.3% 6.0% 3.1% 2.1%
    May 21.3% 14.5% 5.2% 47.7% 5.5% 3.0% 2.2%
    April 23.2% 15.4% 3.5% 47.1% 4.9% 3.0% 2.2%
    March 24.9% 17.0% 1.4% 46.5% 4.2% 3.1% 2.3%
    February 25.4% 17.4% 0.8% 46.4% 4.0% 3.0% 2.2%
    January 25.7% 18.5% 0.6% 45.5% 3.9% 3.0% 2.3%

    If 15% of w3schools readers are on IE6, you better bet it's higher with most other sites. 15% is still high if you ask me.

    What I personally do is to look at each Web site's audience. If the site I'm making has an avant-garde, tech-savvy audience, I'd test my site to at least look decent in IE6. Otherwise, if the audience is less techie, I'd try to make it look elegant in IE6. Maybe a designer/developer can throw compatibility away if the site can afford to be exclusive. But for real world Web sites of companies and nonprofits, I wouldn't take the risk.

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    please read the article on Wait till I come! Blog Archive Did Digg and YouTube just spell the end of Internet Explorer 6?
    and all of the comments, especially this comment Wait till I come! Blog Archive Did Digg and YouTube just spell the end of Internet Explorer 6?

    I'm a coder and code mostly others designs, and in 99% of the stuff that I code it is possible do make it look in IE6 as in other modern browsers. Transparent PNG-s - use 8bit alpha transparency of the MS filter css property, or even javascripts that do it automatically fot you. The other 1% I look to make a compromise that looks almost like on other browsers. If that is not possible - then I change slightly code so I can make it look like it should.

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    A lot of computers in the workplace and some businesses still run IE6. Annoying I know but it really does need to be considered.

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