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Thread: Do you still design for IE6?

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    Angry Do you still design for IE6?

    The web has moved ahead, but some people, either deliberately or unknowingly still use Internet Explorer 6. Web designers have to make sure that their content renders well in this out-dated browser for which they have to spend the major part of their time making their designs compatible with ie6.

    Do you, as a web designer, still work on making your designs compatible with ie6?

  2. Not at all, I stopped bothering about IE6 ages ago.

    "Change is the only thing that is permanent."-- Get used to it!

    People have to update.

    There are designers out there, like Magnus Jepson, who do concentrate on IE6 but really really do not care.
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    I have never looked back into the older browsers, as people who really want to have a correct look at my sites should update their browsers first.

    They are reading a tech blog and don't know about the changes in the browser world? And they don't care about updating their browsers?

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    Most of the traffic I target is generally tech-savvy people so I won't go that extra mile and get bugs cleared for IE6.
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    I think the same as you people do. Thanks for your opinions

  6. I used to use IE 6 when I was in 2nd standard. Then I realised that there are lots of other great browsers. Its really boring to use IE6

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    I am on IE6, think of people like me

  8. Oh! So there are people who use IE 6.
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    if it display good enough in IE6. it is good enough. if people use IE6, they don't care about the web. That's my view haha

  10. I agree with this too. Unless it is some horribly bad error...don't bother.
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