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Thread: Do You Use A WYSIWYG? Which one?

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    When I first jumped into web design, I used to use Dreamweaver (at the time, most people were using Microsoft FrontPage). Later, I switched to manual coding -- and to this day I use a great text editor called ConTEXT.

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    farrhad see u at dp

    I use frontpage in my uni level lateron i switch to dreamweaver. Not anymore now i am handcoder.

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    In my6 way Dreamweaver, second-hand that for no extra than a year than complete a complete transition to coding.

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    Jeeez guys....
    Never heard of PSPad?
    Open source cross-platform code editor, and the best tool ever for doing websites.
    Beside the obvious stuff ( (js|html|css|php|*) code highlighting, reformatting) it has built in ftp, and project management support.
    Download it now, thank me later :P
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    I use NotePad++ and Net Beans IDE - you need syntax highlighting I think.

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