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Thread: Dreamweaver vs. Hand Coding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Manders View Post
    I'm a PHP/MySQL developer so a lot of my work is done by hand repeatedly in code view on dreamweaver.
    I like the preview, when I have coded the HTML, I want to see it fast, so I can make improvements to coloring and such. I can code fine with notepad, but I like the coloring and code-completion. It really makes the coding smoother.

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    I use geany

  3. I definitely like to hand code over using a WYSIWYG programs however, I like to use Dreamweaver for the code hints it provides. It shows you the codes that you are able to use at that point with a drop down list. Dreamweaver helps me code faster. It also helps to see the codes that are available to you.

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    For me Dream weaver is best and will be best forever.
    it makes clean code.

    I am using dreamweaver since time of macromedia was owner.

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