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Thread: Dreamweaver vs. Hand Coding

  1. Dreamweaver vs. Hand Coding

    Anyone think generators like dreamweaver, Frontpage will ever take over from hand coding websites?

    I am just starting to use Dreamweaver.
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    Aha, Gaya better not see this... :P

    Nah seriously, I doubt that programs such as DreamWeaver (and Frontpage) will ever cause hand coding's doom. Mostly because they aren't that much accurate yet (well, that's the case of Dreamweaver in my opinion...).

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    It's a choice, dreamweaver is just a software to help us make sitepage without coding. But hand coding skill still needed even we're using software like that, if there is some unaccurate code created or error, what we can do is do correction in the coding manually.

  4. I doubt it. I would prefer hand coding..Dreamweaver has one thing that I love and that is F12!

    If you're good with dreamweaver then I would say why not use it and if you're good with notepad++, etc then I would prefer hand-coding.
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    I prefer hand coding. I know exactly what I'm doing and I don't have to deal with weird output errors.

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    i prefer use dreamweaver bcoz i dont know very well each HTML tag function so well

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    Honestly, now I am sticking to DW as it saves a lot of time.

    I manage to clean the code a bit later on.

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    if u really wanna learn... do it the hard way... it pays

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    Quote Originally Posted by developerholic View Post
    if u really wanna learn... do it the hard way... it pays
    I agree. But DW is a real time saver!

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    Hand Code for me,

    But like most I started out with Dreamweaver - only use it now if I need to do eshot.

    It depends what your doing - but if you ever need to get into serious development - web apps/jquery or work in a team - learn to hand code it's definitly worth it in the long run.

    It takes me longer to design with a wysiwyg now than hand code.

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