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Thread: Dreamweaver vs Web Page Maker.

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    Arrow Dreamweaver vs Web Page Maker.

    In am sure that all of you are familiar with dreamweaver. It works great with CSS, HTML , PHP and all. But for those who don't have good knowledge of coding WebPageMaker is better solution. Anyone can create professional webpage using webpagemaker without having knowledge of coding.

  2. I prefer Dreamweaver. It's just like Microsoft Word 2007. It's fully customizable and easy to use. Plus if you are a coder, you can easily switch to "coding mode" to code your HTML tags.

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    I always use Dreamweaver because it's great , support more language code

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    I definitely prefer Dreamweaver. It is really easy to use and it supports both new and advanced users.

    And if you're a coder, you can easily switch to Code mode and edit the website from there, or if you aren't much of a coder then you would use the Design mode which is easier for new users.

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    I use Dreamweaver and i'm very pleased with it, i think it's a very complex program and you cand find lots of tutorials and help on the internet.

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    I have used both programs and prefer actually web page maker. Dreamweaver is a complicated program. Web page maker gets your webpage up in no time and simple, user non complicated program. Dreamweaver sux.

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    I love Dreamweaver! It is the best because of the amount of customizations you can perform is outstanding. My buddy uses frontpage, sort of like web page maker, and Dreamweaver finds all of his mistakes in the coding. Yeah there is a learning curve, but you will be better off with the new knowledge.

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    Dreamweaver all the way.
    Easy to use, customizable and your can do coding too.
    webpagemaker is more beginner friendly.

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    Dreamweaver for me. Even when I was still a newbie, I preferred dreamweaver. It is much easier for me because it is much flexible and the customization is great.

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    Dreamweaver = Microsoft Office. Easy to handle and user friendly.

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