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Thread: Free Design Software

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    Free Design Software

    I just thought i should share with you a program, similar to photoshop. (but obviously not as good since its free)
    I used this program before getting photoshop cs3 and it isnt that bad really, only downside is you cannot supply people with psd.
    But if you don't want to buy photoshop because of it's price and maybe just want to learn some things before purchasing it, check it out:

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    Not bad, I don't mind this program. I have to download it again though. Thanks for sharing!

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    well , I will download and try it . It will be useful for me , thanks for share

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    do you guys know any good php design program?

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    it s a best prigram,i use is very good

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    I've heard about GIMP a lot, I might consider using it soon for making web templates. Thanks for the source.
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    It is a decent program, photoshop is better, but it's the free alternative

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    good . I was try. it very useful.thank you very much

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