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Thread: Free premium wordpress theme Pachiko

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    Free premium wordpress theme Pachiko

    Pachiko is the brand new wordpress theme from ChrisamDesigns.This theme got a custom post jQuery slider in it and also a high quality image hover effect which is powered by CSS3.This theme contains custom site discription area.It have custom page templates for the Blog and portfolio. This is a premium quality wordpress theme.




    For more themes go to

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    Seems good but the background can be changed with menu can be horizontal from left or two menus in header. My suggestion is that make more two or three themes with little variation keeping the layout same.

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    ChrisamDesigns, you need to clean up the code for that theme. There are 74 HTML errors on the home page and a number of obsolete tags. It does not use valid XHTML code. New WordPress themes should be using HTML 5.
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  4. Thanks for sharing your theme. I will try to apply in my new blogs and see the performance, especially for SEO.

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