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Thread: Free press release website - Trojan Alert - Pls Help

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    Free press release website - Trojan Alert - Pls Help

    Hey guys,

    whenever I visit the website or any of the pages of this website (free press release) my computer's mcafee antivirus showing a trojan removed alert. Is it harmful ? what could be wrong with the website? How this can be removed?

    Thanks. But please help/advice me.
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  2. Definitely stay off of it. There are plenty of other free press release sites that you can go to that aren't a threat to your computer. I've done some work with PRLog. They offer alot of the services for free that other sites make you pay for.
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    Is that your site? If so, the scripts need to be scanned for malicious code.

    A Trojan removed alert may just be telling you that the site was infected but is not any longer. Norton does something similar and shows a security alert on Google and Bing search results pages, but when I search for that site Norton says it is "untested."

    If you are getting the warning on every page, then the hacked code is probably in an included footer file.

    If it is not your site, then stay out of it. If it is not your site and not a client's site, then there is nothing that you can do to fix it.
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