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Thread: Good Tutorials??

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    Good Tutorials??

    I`m looking for good tutorials how to design headers and logos. I really have "good hand" for painting and I have ideas. But I don`t know how to work with PhotoShop. Can anyone tell me some good page?

    - SeoHawk

  2. Just have to search for them. I currently have a design in mind but it's hard finding a tut. that's similar to any of the components. My favourite tut. site is pixel2life, you could try there.

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    I personally use and both of the sites contain excellent photoshop tutorials. If you dig around on the PSDtuts+ site they had a web design week awhile ago that had some great tutorials.

    hope this helped


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    Using this tutorial and some basic photoshop skills, you can create a unique and style site header design including the logo creation and light effects

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    This is also a very good one.. give it a try

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    On Inferno there is a cool header tutorial (3D graphic pretty much), you just gotta go to the photoshop category.
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