I have a drop down menu on one of my sites and I want certain options to be larger and in bold to serve as headings within the drop down list.

The code I have looks like this:

<select name="Hcity" id="Hcity">
<option value="" selected>All Cities</option>
<option value='Cairo'  style='font-weight: bold; font-size: 127%; font-style: italic;'>Cairo</option>
<option value='6' >6th of October</option>
<option value='7' >Agouza</option>
<option value='8' >Al Rehab</option>
<option value='85' >Beaulac</option>
This works perfectly fine in Firefox, but IE and Chrome seem to ignore the style of the Cairo option completely.

Anyone know how I can have it working in all browsers?