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Thread: Help Finding Hidden Link

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    Help Finding Hidden Link

    Hey guys,

    I need a little help.

    If you go to www. brookwoodhoops .com you and view the source you will see that there is a backlink in there for "Saw V movie" I have tried locating this actual link on the site but I can not find it.

    I have tried seaching it on Google and finding the highlights from the cache but I am coming up empty. Its literally 1 pixel by 1 pixel and I am so interested in finding it.


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    U mean this one :
    <a style="top:-4329px;position:absolute;" href="">Saw V movie download</a>

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    yes....that one...I can not find its physcial location on the home page. you see anything?

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    Nope. I think the guy has cookie stuffed using a 1px by 1px iframe server side, so you probably won't find the physical location of the link.

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    Not sure about it but it looks different from what's visible on other sites. There are a couple more corner-shaped images too. See attachment.
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    You wont see the physical link on the page because of this:

    it is -4329 pixels above the page.. so it isn't visible in the browser


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