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Thread: How To Create An HTML Contact Us Form?

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    How To Create An HTML Contact Us Form?

    Hi, I am creating my site and am having a hard time creating a contact us form.

    I copied the easiest code off someones site but within the code can't find where to put my email address so the message would have somewhere to go.

    Does anyone have the code they can just copy and paste here?


  2. Try these generators:
    Wufoo Form Gallery - Free HTML Form Examples and CSS Templates
    Email Me Form™ - HTML Forms, Web Forms, PHP Forms

    Design your form, enter your info and cut and paste the code it spits out.

    I have also used Email Riddlers to overcome above issue:

    Dynamic Drive Email Riddler- email encryption script and tool
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  3. You could use 'mailto:' feature with the 'submit' button to generate a mail to you including all the form contents.

    Wish this would help,
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    just google it as contact form.. u will get n number of codes..

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    More Form Generators

    I found a couple more form generators with more and They both are free and have javascript features for editing & calculations.Along with several customization levels.
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    Do it in PHP, it's easier and faster...
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  7. I also recommend PHP contact form. I suggest to use one with captcha!

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    Google is your friend

    Google <-- click search page is already up.

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    lol telling someone to "Google it" isn't much helpful.

    Anyway, myjimmyjams, contact forms are not HTML only. you need a server-side script to process the e-mailing action.

    Visit this PHP Mail w3schools tutorial. I'm sure it would help you. If you had any troubles please reply back

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    Just use Wufoo - much easier and it looks really good.
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