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Thread: how do i design a website

  1. Quote Originally Posted by tessaalfred View Post
    I learned CSS and HTML through I think this is explained very well how to design a website....
    I tried books,tried tutorials i tried everything and found that almost all of it was just a waste of time.I forced myself into reading a 600 page book on html/css,then opened a notepad and didn't know how to start on my site,then i downloaded a free xhtml/css template,took a look at the code and my brain started working I connected 1+1 and started modding the design to something that I like.Whenever I want to do something and dont know how I just google it and continue to work.The important think is to work on something.Make 5 websites and you will know html/css,sure you wont be perfect at it,but you will know how to make a decent website.
    The important thing is to learn only the basics with tutorials and books,then just look at existing code and let your brain work.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnKSmith View Post
    Hi Guys,
    You design a web site in many way.You can use HTML, ASP.NET,Java Script,JSP etc.. When you designing your own Website is the first step toward reaching your goal. You could hire some fancy designer to create your site for you or If you learn any web designing language you can create own.
    The first step to web design doesent even have to be about coding, in fact I strongly believe that what makes a good web designer is his feel for colors,design itself,graphics and to make an agreement with the client.Everyone can learn html/css if he tries,but I think that you cant really learn design if you dont have at least a bit of a feel or gift for it.Its one of those things,you are a painter and I come to you and say
    "Create a amazing painting" of course you can always try to copy Mona Lisa or some work of Picasso,but its not really a amazing work of art its just a copy,what makes a good designer is to present a unique design BUT one that can be understood by everyone,or even better doesn't have to be understood,it just IS.

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    google it , google knows everything
    Let me google that for you
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    Design your website according to your services or what you are trying to show to people, It should be clean and userfriendly. Also you need to add some functions to make people stay longer on your site and enjoy their browsing.

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    I'm a graphic a designer and I didn't have any knowledge in web, so I bought CD video tutorial which helped me a lot to start my first steps in learning html, css, php, flash... believe me, the best thing is to start with video tutorials

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    The first challenge I suggest is to learn how to create a centered web page using HTML and CSS without tables. Implement a logo, heading, page content and footer.

    But for the basic foundation knowledge, work your way though and/or tutorials.

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    I really don't have any knowledge about web designing....but thanks for your site...

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    After all of that designing you'd do, I'd recommend you apply on-page SEO for your site.

    Here is a starter guide for it by Google (Note: PDF)

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    Website designing is a vast subject, i suggest you first learn the basics of it : HTML from and then you can choose if you want to continue coding server side or client side. Good Luck
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by hendricius View Post
    Website designing is a vast subject, i suggest you first learn the basics of it : HTML from and then you can choose if you want to continue coding server side or client side. Good Luck

    I find W3 only good for reference, other than that its too basic to learn anything.
    The best way (in my experience) to learn ANYTHING is by just doing, get a valid template, open in an editor and start analyzing. After a while you will begin to understand what and how it works and then you can slowly start working, if you come across something you don't understand, Google it (this is where W3 comes in handy). By the time you created a few websites you will know how to "code" HTML/CSS. This will give you better and faster results than reading books, because these books tend to be very boring and you will give up, but if you are doing, creating you will have a feel of accomplishment and that will inspire you to work even harder. A good start may be making your personal site, hand coded.

    NOTE: It might be a good idea to get Dreamweaver, because it can speed up your coding quite a bit, of course assuming you hand-code everything and don’t use the messy code that Dreamweaver itself generates.

    So much from me, good luck.

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    First you'll need a domain (e.g, which you can register with GoDaddy, Hosting (I use HostGator for one site, and Fatcow for another), Then you'll need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Learn a bit of Photoshop or GIMP so you can design your own logo and header. Once you get it started, you should start learning SEO. Remember this: Not having SEO on your site is like having a pizza with no cheese, sauce or toppings.

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