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Thread: how do i design a website

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    To design a website, you need a good knowledge of HTML and CSS.

    HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
    CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

    Or you could use a free and easy website maker. Such as, or

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    Start from the html then learn designing and programming then sky is the limite for you

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    The very first thing I would like to say is that designing an website is not an easy task. You have to learn HTML language first which the base for designing an website. You also do have the knowledge about the use of web designing software such as adobe dreamweaver and photoshop so that you can design your website more attractive.

  4. If you want to learn about web design, you must be expert in some web design application. Basic learning, you can try dreamweaver.

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    Design and coding are two different activities.

    To design a web page, you can mock one up in a paint package. Then convert your graphical idea into a web page using HTML, and CSS.

    But it helps to understand how sites are rendered so that you don't ask for stupid designs to be implemented. For example, you should know about common view port sizes, fluid vs fixed width, above the fold concept, image size impact on page load speed, accessibility concerns, SEO, pre-loading of images, typical assets employed on a web page (logo, background repeat image, background fills), templates and themes etc.

  6. If you want to build website, you must be learn first about programming language, such as HTML, Java, CSS, and other programming language for website design.

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    @Top Net - Why do you think it is important to learn Java to build websites?

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    It funny to read comment about professional or expert of some software to design a websites If you want to improve fast in your webdesign skill then basic html and look into other pages and create you own, simple and then you will pick it up. No one is born with skills to do anything.
    Life it's school, we graduate when we die

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    Designing website is not big issue that its seems. Design should be simple. It should be so simple that it can attract and impress the potential clients easily. Always utilize the small, short and unique language so that the user can understand the message.
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    Always design your website search engine friendly and user friendly.

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