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Thread: how do i design a website

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    how do i design a website

    i realy wish to learn web designing but i need guidance

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    Start by learning html (extremely easy) then you can learn css and lastly php :P

    HTML Tutorial
    Basic HTML Tutorial
    [ame= &oq=&aqi=g8g-s1g1]html basic tutorials - Google Search[/ame]

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    Is it web designing or web coding? they are both different

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    If you want to design website, you should know html, CSS. You also require knowledge on web designing tools and graphic designing. Having knowledge at-least on JS and PHP+database programming will make you a web developer .

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    i read some notes on coding in php but i dont know how to apply it

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    Quote Originally Posted by tree View Post
    i read some notes on coding in php but i dont know how to apply it
    lol first learn html, then learn php.

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    As the friends said start with learning the Basic of HTML and PHP, Because now day most use a CMS (Content Management System) Scripts such joomla, Wordpress, php-fusion..etc Because they give the Best platform to work under, You can take a look at some Free Web Templates Providers, download a template and start editing it with Dreamwaver or Frontpage or any other WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Software.

    For free websites templates providers try :

    Free Web Templates and Themes

    Free Website Templates

    Free Web Templates - Free website templates, web templates, page layouts, flash templates, business templates, css templates, wordpress themes, joomla templates


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    You might find this site useful, HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot

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    Start from the html then learn designing and programming then sky is the limite for you

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