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Thread: How important is a logo

  1. A logo in a fundamental element of branding.

    I need 2 logos for 2 sites. Please contact me if your interested in doing some work for me.

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    Logo really does matter to me for importance of a website. Well designed meaningful logo is necessary so a website looks professional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesy View Post
    Do you guys think an attractive logo for a website is important?
    Since im interested in graphic design i think it is very important, the logo represents your website. If you have a bad logo, i personally think less people will stay on your site because it will look un-profesional.
    Whats your opinons on this?
    I think it is important, as after some time it become kind of brand for website.


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    I completely agree with you regarding logo in your website as it provides exposure to your company, but apart from that other contents in your website matters as well.

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    I believe a logo is fundamental to the marketing of any professional business. A logo is a quick visual cue that the person coming to your website has found the right place. Many big corporations like IBM, Microsoft, GM, Sony etc also have a lot of different brands and companies, yet each website they own will proudly have the main corporate logo displayed somewhere on the page.

    Bloggers and people who make money from owning keyword rich websites probably don't need to worry about this, but if you're trying to develop a niche site into an authority site then visitors need to start recognizing your brand. Even Will's Tech-FAQ has a logo.

    My opinion is that a logo doesn't have to have words in it, it can just be an image that is easily identified, but placing your company name next to it makes a huge difference.

    For example, on my Ronda Today site, I have a logo with text next to it, but on my new Ronda Viva site I've created a logo with an image and text. Some people create logos that are text only, but are still recognisable, like GM.

    But anyone who wants to be taken seriously in the long run needs branding that is recognizable, because your branding still works for you even when you're asleep.

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    A serious site should have a logo. But you don't need a logo for a fan site or blog.

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    My adult website doesn't have a logo, because I can't find a place to put it. Since the homepage is full of images already, I think a logo would be an extra image so in fact it's not bad for the blog that there is no logo...
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    My adult website doesn't have a logo, because I can't find a place to put it.
    Then put it on those hot babes !

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    I feel logos are really important for a good impression and to make people remember your site easily

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    I am one of the few who believe that a logo isn't 100% necessary. Depending on your target and your primary area of expertise, a logo can be skipped. However, nice graphics and an attractive theme or layout are always important. Coming up with a logo for a simple blog isn't easy and it isn't always required. Businesses will always benefit from having an attractive logo however.

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