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Thread: HTML5 and CSS3 awesomeness

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    Flash is a platform that doesn't actually have a bright future on the web,not because of things like SEO,but since it is closed,it eats up a lot of resources and requires a very fast association.

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    These was nice information I get to know about the HTML5 and CSS3. It was really glad to be the part of this thread I really learn a lot. Thanks for sharing such effective, wonderful and informative information.

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    They're amazing - can't wait until HTML5 is released. CSS3 is great for animations, although it's not supported by all browsers (damn you IE). HTML5 is still a little raw but may even replace Flash with time.

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    Even after the standard has been set, it will take some time for browsers to catch up and even longer before users update their browsers. Users will not be able to see all of the HTML 5 and CSS 3 benefits until they update their browsers. That can take several years.

    According to Wikipedia, the standard will not be finalized until 2014. Bummer!

    HTML5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    HTML5 and CSS3 can be use to design the site which quite complex. It helps to create the advanced web pages and user friendly website. With the help of CSS you can give attractive and beautiful look to your images.
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